Little blue truck modification season two- completed 11/23

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… we go again….
Round two of perhaps an annual adventure for the grandkids.
Modifications to make generic truck ornaments refashioned into the children’s book Little Blue Trucks appearance.

Found wonderful ornaments at Walmart for an unbelievable $2.48!
Wasn’t sure what to expect, ordered them online and delighted with their appearance upon trunk pick up delivery. This truck with the white rails is metal

Modifications are currently underway to see if we can get it to look more like the storybook character.
The white metal rails were removed.
Removed the trees on both and spray painted.
Need to make the bottom bumpers, front grill and eyeballs and do some decorative painting let’s see if it-turns out better than last year‘s model.

Kinda wish I bought a few more. Twice the price of a dollar tree ornament but so worth it for my enhancement efforts to try to replicate
One of the many plates Im twirling, stacked trays of crafting projects in development…..