Rescue Me

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  When you're married to someone as paint happy as I am, this is what you might expect to find at your computer when you wake up on Valentines Day. 

   I was driving down the road and noticed this timid chair peeking out from the trash cans. I  could almost hear a faint squeak from the side of the road as I slowed down my car. Being curious I investigated further, Only to find... I  had rescued my new project.....

   It was a good thing  I had  plenty  of Testors  craft  paint  on  hand, The RUST-OLEUM  Hammered in bright red came in handy too.Then to seal the deal, I used RUST-OLEUM 2 X Ultra clear on the seat and  back.

   What a great chair for my Valentines message. What a great chair for the art room.

   She's not so timid now!