Shelving Unit w/ Barn Red Stain

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I finally finished this project!


Just a little background for my first submission: I am the proud father of a 5 month old, so it's taking a LOT longer to start, much less finish, any project.


For this one, I intended on putting this awesome shelving unit - I got the idea from our own KE Creations! - on the wall over the changing table in little guy's room. But, my wife really wanted it to have a weathered gray look to match the crib and a few picture frames that were already in his room. Since I used scrap lumber to build it, the pieces were not the same color (the shelves were much older than the back), so I tried out a few different stains to get the colors close. Then, I applied the weathered gray stain on top of it, but it ended up with a strong purple hue, instead of a dark wood stain barely peeking through a weathered gray finish on top. 


Also, the lumber I used for the shelves was warped and I didn't realize it until everything was glued and screwed (get it? screwed... works on so many levels, ha!). So don't look too closely. 


After the failed staining attempts, I decided I would finally bust out the Barn Red (which, for the record, I wanted to use in the first pace, but my wife wanted it to match... *grumble*). So, it ended up in my office and I'm using it for my hats (pop quiz: bet you can't guess my favorite NFL and College teams! ha).


And I love it! I think the Barn Red stain looks pretty awesome with a little bit of the gray peeking through (might not show up in the picture very well). 


So, thank you for the sample and I promise I'll use it again on future projects (especially if I can talk my wife into adding more RED to the nursery!). 


And, another shout-out to KE Creations! I've already assembled a second shelving unit, again using scrap wood (will I ever learn?) that will most likely go over the TV in the living room. And, I am still planning on doing a similar shelving unit to put over the crib, so keep an eye out.