Butterflies and Lace

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So this is what I'm still  painting with  RUST-OLEUM Simply Home in soft beige and RUST-OLEUM  Painters touch, ultra cover in gloss Almond.

   We ended up painting the utility room too with the soft beige. It's got white lace curtains and the beige walls. I couldn't decide what to do with the cupboard doors. Finally I thought to use my butterfly cutout to paint some butterflies for a soft look against the lace curtains. I  used the gloss Almond so that when the sun shines through the  curtains it will catch the shine of the butterflies.

   It's a very soft look. I really like the look of a gloss pattern on a satin or eggshell. Out of the six doors I only did the two middle .I did add borders to all the doors.

   In the end I did decide to outline the butterflies in a silver metallic,extra fine, Sharpie paint pen.