How to involve your mini creators in more of your diy projects?

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My daughter is certainly a creator in the making! She’s 9 and loves experimenting learning how to do make up, paint, design, sand art, pretty much any project I can put together for her to do she’ll try. She’s really got a heavy creative eye and mind that I’d like to help grow and expand on her learning new skills across all kinds of dyi and crafts! But kids projects often times are just make your own squishy or design your own bird house kind of kits. I’d like to help her learn more dyi projects that are more mature and or useful items as opposed to just things I want to keep as sentimental kid made projects. Any ideas on how I could maybe include her more in some of my challenge submissions. (She actually took the video of me which was included in the creators Christmas card video!!) *proud mama just looking for ideas to get her off the design games on a screen and more designing and creating hands on in real life!!