Any Ideas ????

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This is why I just love this site!! There are so many creative people here....and I would love everyones input. •.¸¸♥♥ ¸¸.• 

This is my latest FREE find!! The chairs actually rock! They are going to go in my front patio. I was thinking of spraying the frames with a color...(like bronze rub or something). Then the seat and back a color! I don't know. My front door is the color the color!!!

My mind is still foggy from my BFF's move  *\~.~/*

The dresser...I would like to just upcycle.. 

So there is my dilemma.....what do you think? If you have a idea...or pictures...I would love them! 

Thank you so much!!!

*°• ♥ •°**°• ♥ •°*