🪴 Clay pots, terra cotta 🪴

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Hello experts. Quick question please. Is there anything in the a Rustoleum family or maybe Miracle Sealants that might be used for sealing a terracotta planter pot to make it a bit more resilient during winters seasonal temperature swings? 

Apparently there exists some spray can help support the lifespan on clay pots, slowing weathering down. 🤷‍♀️
I realize there’s no magic spray armor just an aid...a sorta preventative.

Saw a YouTube which did mention a spray treatment briefly in passing- but sadly was not identified. Not sure if might be aerosol or pump spray....or if it might be applied the inside or outside or both sides to seal.
Additionally wish to verify if the cured application will be not harmful to the plant.

Thank you....I appreciate your kind efforts to educate and inform me.....and potentially help my extension clients too. 🪴