Appliance epoxy touchup help please

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Hello quick question I am using the Rustoleum specialty 0.6 fl oz appliance epoxy touchup paints. Unfortunately, my original paper packaging for this product is long gone, there is not much informational instructions on the back label.

What would be the cure dry time of this paint and after cured can it be spray sealed?

If its possible……
Which spray sealer would perform the best with this paint?
Hopeful for gloss…..🤞🏻

Thank you!

2/14/24. Update
Do over.
Switching over to water-based (yellow) paint and adjusting the viscosity seem to help my attempts at this smaller jewelry project. Suggestions by @beadgarden were soooo helpful! Appreciate that support from the community.
Still need to learn more about this dotting process and how to handle the tools and technique.

Hoping we Triple Thick Glaze cured will provide a nice sealer and protection to a ring that might get bashed around.