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I got "the goods" in the mail yesterday (thank you Rust-Oleum!) and I couldn't wait to try it out!  I had a metal bird feeder out back that the sun had taken its toll on and I wanted to see if it would bring back the nice yellow color that had faded from being outside for 1-2 years.  I had originally wanted to use this on my metal patio furniture, but the rust starting to show up said that I will be using the Rust-Oleum spray paint on it that I had already purchased (just need a non-windy day!).  However, I wanted to see what it would do anyway, so I tried it on a portion of one of the chairs just to see what it would do.  I'm super impressed with the results!!!  This was incredibly simple to use, but you definitely want to be in a ventilated area.  I later went on a walk with my neighbor and was asking her if she had anything that needed a 'refresh' LOL  

Check out the before-after photos below!  Thanks again Rust-Oleum!!!!