FINALLY Rustoleum gives submission done

Submitted to Community Chat

So my neighbor across the hall and I after now 3 years of finally having stable housing both coming from trams and barriers in all aspects of our life’s that neither one of us expected to have in common need up becoming really close and one another s support system she doesn’t have a dining room table never has financial issues haven’t made that much of a possible option with a family of 4 and myself being raised that the dinner table is a must have and always having to eat at the table what was served no matter what couldn’t grasp her not having a dining table set to accommodate her family after being homeless for 4 years prior and finally were In stable housing and she has no table no just can’t be a thing. After she saw all my projects highlighted In the centennial clip and my house she was amazed at my skills and said she wished she could do that kind stuff and make her house look as beautiful as mine. I said I can Let’s get you a dining set I’ll make it however you want she hope if possible to have it match her to stand she already had and I said done. Im on it. I was able to find the entire farmhouse style table and benches set for free online and surprise it actually came with a leaf but that hadn’t been used in over at least 5 years but they had it. So I took on the project. This took my entire house up and was the hardest thing I’ve ever self taught a complete refurbished and leaf extension mechanical restoration of a full dining table and two beach dining room set to gift to her coordinate with her to stand. Fast forward 4 months and originally I was going to submit this for the rustoleum cares challenged but was a total fail to complete in any timely fashion. Today I finally have my house back and the set is complete! I am so proud of myself my perseverance and the final result is gratuitously received and moved across the hall into its new home! What do you think of all my hard work for a first timer?