Recycled office end table reborn as fun play table

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I'm a prolific recycler - and just hate throwing things out.  The law office where I worked was getting rid of their oak furniture, but about the only thing I could take on the bus was this small end table.  After using it in my basement for a number of years, my grandchildren needed a play table.  This style and size fit the bill perfectly but wasn't very appealing to kids.   After removing the top, the base got a  few good coats of  Rustoleum spray paint in my favourite green.  I thought the top needed something more than just paint so I found this really cute fabric.

With a generous coat of glue and a long drying time, it was time for the Rustoleum Crystal Clear.   I gave it three coats and after 4 years and many scrubbing to get the glue and crayon off, it is as good as new.

With the little IKEA chairs, it is perfect, but soon it will need passing on again.