Progress Made in the Kitchen- Countertop Transformation

Submitted to Community Chat

Our countertops were ugly. And, to make it worse, they were made from the same Laminate that was in my parents house when I was growing up (so I know how old they were!) and apparently from more than one dye lot because there were sections that didn’t match- and it was obvious.

We used Rust-Oleum's Countertop Transformation Kit (Onyx) as a great solution for reviving our existing countertops! Please check out the before and looks and feels SO MUCH BETTER in the kitchen! I can't wait to show you more progress that's happening soon.

This took about 12 man hours total. Unfortunately you can't really do this in a day because you have to allow for curing time. So we did the first few steps (prep, sanding, base-coat, color chips) then waited over night before we sanded the color chips smooth and applied the epoxy.  Then you can't touch it AT ALL for 48 hours and can't fully use for a WEEK.  So we did this just before leaving on Christmas vacation.


For more pics and details: Creatively Living [oustide the box]