Fall Marbleizing Projects with Testors Craft Marbling Medium

Submitted to Community Chat

What an exciting treat to try the Testors Craft Marbling Medium product. It is such a free and unstructured way to be creative. The medium magically makes the paints have life and the ability to bloom on their own.

I confess there was hesitation and insecurity on my part being more classically comfortable painting using canvas and tiny paintbrushes. The colors selected for the trial were perfection, I was pretty amazed how they harmonized and evolved together. 

For the trial -I used a smaller sized -thick gallery stretched canvas, a new wooden craft plate, a Halloween cut out and with having extra leftover paints -a wooden plaque and two mismatched metallic plastic pumpkins (primed black)

1-My favorite result was the gallery stretched canvas. 

2-My least favorite was the Halloween EEK cut out. I tried multiple colors, unhappy with results wiped it off -reapplied two colors. It was a bad choice on my part- failed to realize -it was too intricate to be complimented by this product. Inspired by the BOO! example I had a different expectations, likely it will be returned to a solid color and reglittered.

3- The wooden plate came our beautifully but the thick wooden plate actually warped with the paint pooling exposure. Not being totally level surface may have contributed to this issue, also it seemed as the gold got lost in this example moreso. In my experience the gold paint had a lower viscocity than the other acrylic paints. If a similar project were to be repeated- I would definitely prime the raw wood. It displays nicely despite the complication.

4-Leftover paint materials had me looking around for more items, I drizzled some black spray painted jack o lanterns and a wooden plaque. I wished I had done some paper or canvas to reuse at later time. Additionally-I was kinda dazzled by the contents of the drip pan, the colors and their intermingling can be quite enchanting. Maybe using a drip pan was a mistake?

Creativity has never been so easy or effortless. 

Thanks for the opportunity to try such a whimsical fun and amazing product and enhance my Fall decor in such a unexpected and interesting way.