Ultra Cover Kona Brown Gloss

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Are desk blotter pads still a thing?

I recently Craigslisted my smaller 20 year old desk to transfer over to this larger desk my husband no longer uses. Because of its quality I hoped to protect the wooden desktop surface from any potential dings or damage.

I painted an extra large canvas panel that I had on hand with some acrylic paints and sprayed it with 2X sealer- but it didn’t look very nice.
So I went onto recoating with  Rustoleum Painters Touch UltraCover Kona Brown Gloss. The oversized canvas appearance now is exactly as I hoped with a deep rich color with an attractive sheen. Now I can place my tools, scissors and other items on the desktop with this protective layer in place.

I find Ultra Cover to be an indispensable versatile paint with its deep rich color and thick shiny coating. Thanks Rustoleum!