Sealer - storage- problem help?

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Wondered about a problem —hoping you might help please?

Sealing clay -acrylic painted items with 2X clear spray semigloss and or gloss finishes.

They are fully cured dried ( clay and paint) and seasonally displayed.
Followed by storage 4-5 weeks later post holiday and stored in a sealed plastic tote in my garage. Generally my decor item like these are stored layered in bubble wrap or Prime bubble envelope and or clear zipper bags

When retrieved the following year they are sticking together some needing forced separation and this storage is causing surface damage with loss of both paint and sealer damages.The painted sealed item is very slightly tacky.

Found this has sadly happened with both my Valentine and St Patricks day items.😬

1-Can you please advise what I did wrong or what I should do in the future to seal these sort of items without this occurring?

2- Additionally-Is there a sealer I can use as an over application to these ones with the problematic finish described above as not to find the same situation next year?
If they’re not retreat-able with a clear coat or other suggested stabilization I suppose they can be glittered to salvage them.