Submitted to Community Chat

Hello everyone new and old! My name is Bill I am glad to hear from you. Please let me know if you would like to meet me by giving me your first name. We have a great thing going here and I would like to make it a little better by getting more friendly with each other. There are so many things we could talk about HERE but nobody does! But we use to? What happened??? Well I want to change that! My first question is for Lisa: When we have a challenge can you put in the rules that they can ONLY be one item. NOT TWO OR THREE!  When this happens I don't know which one I am voting for! LMBO!   AND can you get the pictures where we can put them in order? You know from start to finish then we could see the steps along the way. If you want to add to this be my guest. We are in this together to have some fun with each other and LEARN about RUSTOLEUM ONLY!!! ( not to advertise for anyone or anything else) your truly WILD BILL LMBO!