Passing the legacy along while creating 2nd generation family memories!

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 I am new to the upcycling and DIY world. I must admit that for the past couple of years my two older sisters have inducted me into this fabulous world! Together they are showing me their wonderful and amazing talents. They have inspired me to test the waters, to challenge myself, and to create fun things together as a family.  One day while taking a quick trip to the store (with my daughter and high functioning special needs nephew) I spied a cupboard that someone was just going to throw away. There was nothing wrong with it as far as I could tell. I felt a pang. As you can imagine I felt the urge to pass the gift of recycling along to my daughter and nephew. I wanted to do my sisters proud while also creating special memories with the kids. You know; pass the gift along to the second generation. I immediately decided it was going to be our mission to save this cupboard. I turned around and went to pick it up. While my daughter just wanted me to keep driving on by; my nephew and I had other plans. We jumped out of the car and proceeded to carefully push and pull the cupbard toward my tiny car. It was heavy! We laughed and giggled while trying to stay clear of traffic because it was on a main highway. We urgently needed to get it loaded into the back seat. It only took us about 30 minutes to fully load it...laughing heartily the whole time! By the time we got it near the car to be loaded even my daughter was helping and laughing! When I brought it home my daughter said she was done and sadly she didn't want anything more to do with it! I told Joe together we were going to save this piece and I asked him what would he like us to do. Joe made it clear that he wanted me to leave as much of the original piece intact as possible. He suggested just repainting it but he wanted me to use spray paint we already had on hand. Together we decided upon a color scheme! He wanted black, grey, and white. We cleaned the piece. Applied white spray paint and finished the details with the black paint. The spray paint was from Rustoleum! (We used one 12 oz. Rust-Oleum Gloss Black Acrylic Enamel Spray Paint, one 11 oz Rust-Oleum Gray filler primer Spray Paint, and one 16 ounce Powder Coat Paint - White). The second picture attached is where you will find the finished product! I was thrilled at our very first project we completed as a team together! The best part is the  memories we created together that I will cherish forever. Even now Joe, my daughter and I laugh about it!!! Recently Joe and I were able to gift this to another family member who told us that she absoulutely LOVED it!  P.S. the items on top of the cupboard were suprise bonus items left inside! To us this was better then a box of Cracker Jacks...tehehe! :)