Standing Desk (Top)

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This was my very first project ever. I got a table saw for Christmas in 2014, and the first thing that came to mind was to build a desk. Quite an undertaking for a first-timer. I should have chosen something a little easier to get my feet wet, like a picture frame or something.

I made some plans in Sketch Up and went to a lumber supply to get nice plywood. I ended up getting maple, and I still love the way it looks.

I used dadoes in the middle and rabbits on the ends. I even made a secret compartment behind the drawer (shhh! don't tell) that is a false back held in place with a magnet. For a finish, I used tung oil only.

I still need to put a door on the right cubby, but other projects have gotten in the way. Also, I plan on making new file cabinets that match, but those are not at the top of the list right now.

I really love my standing desk and I'm glad it turned out ok, being my first project and all.