❤️ Ultra Cover ❤️

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🚨Ultra cover to the rescue—-weathered rotted bird rehab🚨
eBay sellers white pine and 10 year exterior grade paint on whirligig failed causing the whirligig wood to rot. 

New wood body created and Rustoleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover Apple Red Gloss came to the rescue for this rehab. Will monitor for future weathering and reapply as needed. Sad bird revitalized ready for another season of spinning. Sadly can’t still photograph the propeller spinning action well.

Additionally also hung my second Ultra Cover painted mailbox flag today. 
Changing the color out for the new season. The last red buffalo check flag lasted beautifully with no fading chipping or damage in an outdoor exposure at the mailbox. No more commercial polyester nylonl flags for me. Already working on the next miniflag.

❤️This fast drying paint is ideal for my many crafting situations❤️