Scrap Wood Carrots

Submitted to Community Chat

I got my inspiration for these carrots on Etsy, and decided to give it a go with my rendition.  I had all the materials on hand except for the carrot fronds, and I got them for 40% off at Joann's (super cheap).  I traced out the carrots on a scrap board, cut the shapes out on the band saw, and gave them a quick sanding.  I originally sprayed them with Fire Orange, but that was just a tad bit too dark, so sprayed over that with Real Orange (perfect).  I used Linen White for the stripes and dots, and when dry used Satin Clear to seal the front of the carrots.  Drilled a hole in the tops of each carrot, and using a touch of hot glue inserted the carrot frond.  Finished them off with a twine bow.  Bottom line ~ super easy and fun project!!!

Used all Rust-Oleum products for spray paint, paint-on, and sealer!