Irma gawd

Submitted to Community Chat

Just when I start to get back to normal from last years hurricane and the loss of my dad another hurricane hits and much worse than last years. It was super scary. We sustained alot more damage than what we expected. Thanks to Rustoleum last year, alot of My neighbors were able to paint and clean up, now most is ruined again. My daughter will be 9 on the 17th she hasn't been able to celebrate for the last 2 years now. Im super happy that we are all ok. I'm getting very frustrated with these storms though..the pool pictured i just put up at the end of last month for her birthday so it would be ready for the party.....well once again it has been brought to a halt. Toys and trampoline were ripped apart. Trees down. Fences everywhere or leaning. Our streets were covered in debri. Some have power some don't. Im sitting on a roof for signal to write this. As bad as it was all of us neighbors have come together to help where and when we can. This has been a crazy experience. Please don't ever take any one for granted. Life is short and scary. Please be safe and thanks for reading. Also thank you rustoleum for being so awesome and helping where and when you can as well.