Question for woodworkers- repair before clear coat sealer help please

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Hello to the woodworking experts here!  
Which filler product would you recommend to fill the split wood slice cavities seen here?  On this particular piece it’s about 3/8 inches thick and I was hoping to paint the filled repair to disguise.
Here I tried air dry clay and that seems to be a fail.

In the past-I feel like some of the proprietary filler products seem to dry chalky and crack during dry time and wondered if that continues long after the cure.
Would a caulk on top help with that? Or a wood glue coating?
Wood glue and Durhams?

Also what is the secret to store these commercial wood tub fillers ( or toothpaste type tubes) that tend to dry out in the sealed tub/tubes between uses? I’ve tried placing a moistened sponge under the cap. Maybe once they’re open up they just have a shelf life?  Would freezing -like when one does with used paint brush in a baggie -be advised?

Maybe I need to buy the smallest size available for my more infrequent- a handful-of-times-a-year uses.

Thanks for any tips you might have to offer. 👊🏻