Easy DIY Halloween T-Shirt

Get crafty with a simple t-shirt design and a DIY stencil!  Select a color design and grab a tshirt, craft paint and a paint brush and you are all set!

  • Step 1:  Draw design on a sheet of paper, cardboard or a stencil.
  • Step 2:  Lay design on t-shirt to be sure it is the right size and placement then cut the stencil out.
  • Step 3:  Set design back on the shirt and tape down.  (NOTE:  Insert a cardboard between the t-shirt to prevent bleeding through the shirt.)
  • Step 4:  Carefully brush on the craft paint inside of your stencil.  Holding down the stencil will help the paint from bleeding under the stencil.  Allow to dry and pull back stencil.

Tips and Tricks

Use a sponge for larger areas as the paint will spread out easier than a paint brush.

Use paint markers to get a fine detail line or outline.

**Apologies for the strange order of the pictures below.  We have a fix for that coming soon!**