Elevate your pumpkin game πŸŽƒ

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No tricks, just treats, when you boo-it-yourself πŸ‘»

Halloween is a fan favorite. When you consider candy, decorations, costumes and parties, the National Retail Federation’s annual Halloween consumer survey anticipates consumer spending to reach a record $12.2 billion πŸ™€

But if you’re among the nearly three out of four consumers who say the economic landscape may impact Halloween shopping this year, you can still get your festive fix and save some money, too.

One way to avoid getting batty about your budget is to reimagine a Halloween staple: the pumpkin.

“Spray paint isn’t one size fits all,” said Lindee Katdare, creative producer and in-house DIY expert at Rust-Oleum. “In fact, the possibilities are endless when you consider the different types of surfaces it can transform.”

Whether it’s that tried-and-true pumpkin decoration that comes out of hiding from the basement each year, a thrifty find at a local craft store or even that classic plastic pumpkin kids tote around for trick or treating, Katdare says you can get luxe for less when you elevate your pumpkin game.

Inspiration is all around us,” said Katdare. “If you follow trends or look to magazines and shows for ideas, find an example you love, even if it feels intimidating. Once you have a clear vision, it will make it much easier to find the spray paint for the job.”   

How you style and present your creation can also help elevate the overall look.

“A cake platter can easily double as a chic way to bring sophisticated dimension and height to your project. So don’t be afraid to incorporate items you may already have at home.”

“Another pro tip is to consider using dried flowers instead of plastic to create an elegant and economical touch," added Katdare.

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