🎄 HoHoHoHoliday Ornaments with Photo Transfer Medium🎄

Submitted to Rust-O Resources

Christmas is a crafters delight, and this year we're thrilled about our Photo Transfer Medium to help make the season merry and bright. 

The 5 Minutes for Mom Bloggers took this product for a test and oh my the results are sweet! 💘

The Photo Transfer doesn't involve gluing down a photo and then covering it with more glue, decoupage-style. Instead you transfer the photo ink onto the other object and then remove the paper the photo was printed on. The result is a mirror image that looks like it was printed right on the object!

Photo Transfer does best on porous surfaces (like wood & fabric) and will not transfer very well to plastic or ceramic. (However, you can use it as a decoupage glue on these surfaces.) To avoid any problems when using Photo Transfer on glass, clean the glass with rubbing alcohol and wait for it to fully dry prior to placing the Photo Transfer image, making sure not to leave fingerprints on the surface after cleaning. It also helps to have some patience and a gentle touch with glass projects. 

We are looking forward to seeing the results from our members who signed up for the Craft a Christmas Ornament activity who will be trying this cool product out!