Guest Bathroom Refresh: Have You Started?

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Creators – today we’re here to talk about what are arguably some of the most important rooms in your house. That’s right, we’re giving a shout out to bathrooms!

The humble guest bathroom might not always be top of mind (or top of the DIY list), but our current Challenge was developed so that Creator’s Studio DIYers can show some love to this crucial part of our homes. Let's just refresh your memory about the prize on this one – a $5,000 AMEX gift card! 💸 That’s right. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.💰 Have you started your guest bathroom refresh yet?

We have partnered with our friends at RockSolid with introducing the newest addition to the family, RockSolid Homea floor paint that can cover virtually any flooring surface (tile, linoleum, vinyl, concrete, etc.). We know that it's pretty common for people to makeover an entire room without touching the flooring, and this product lets you change the look of your guest bathroom pretty easily, and all for about $50. The deadline for this challenge is November 3, so be sure to check out our challenge brief for all the details. To get your creativity flowing, we’re posting a few DIY inspirations, and we invite you to share your project ideas in the comments below.

Creator's Studio members share their results from using RockSolid Home floor paint: 

Creator's Studio member SeaBeeMarket did the sweetest stencil technique on her concrete floor, using RockSolid interior floor paint. In her experience: “The paint went on quite smooth and with great coverage. The sealant went on easily as well, it applied fine with a nice quality roller and didn’t leave any streaks or imperfections behind! I would def recommend the product to a friend.”

SerettaStyle took her laundry room from warm and rustic to contemporary cool using Coastal Fog RockSolid interior floor paint. In her words: “I couldn't believe how smoothly this paint applied to the tile! I loved using it. I already recommended using it to my sister!”

For more inspiration, look no further:

Remodelaholic shares how she freshened up her drab and dreary bathrooms using Tub and Tile. Can you believe that she got this new look spending just over $100?!

After a leak, blogger Angela from Blue I Style used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer in this stunning bathroom makeover.

The smallest things often have the greatest impact. This simple Wood Stain Bath Caddy project packs a big punch in this serene bathroom.

Creators, you know us. We can’t very well have a blog dedicated to bathrooms and not share some of the weird and wonderful things we find in the furthest corners of the internet. As there is a lid for every pot, there is a website for every interest. We found this Bored Panda article that pulls some of the best (worst?) photos from the “Toilets With Threatening Auras” Facebook group. Click the link at your own risk 🚽 but we’re sharing some of the funnier photos here:

Wedding in a bathroom?

For bathroom-goers who like a little risk …

Taking “Public Washroom” to the next level...

Honestly, maybe not the worst solution for little kids on a road trip?

No thanks I’ll wait!

If you don't have the budget for heated toilet seats, this might be an option? 

Hope we’ve provided some inspiration along with a few laughs 😉. We’re looking forward to seeing your guest bathroom makeovers, and crowning the winner of this game of "thrones” with $5,000 bucks! 

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