Fabric Paint and a Few Good Tips!

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Hey, Creators!

Fabric painting is easy and we’re here to provide a few tips to help make your project be seamless and as flawless as can be. We know you want to feel proud of the projects you accomplish. Here are a few tips we recommend that will help you get the best end result.

  1. Choose the right fabric. While it seems obvious that you’d want a fabric your paint will adhere to, we recommend choosing cotton, canvas or burlap. The tighter the weave of the fabric, the better the paint will adhere.
  2. Test your fabric. It’s a good idea to test your painting a small fabric swatch of the same kind. You’ll know for sure how the paint reacts to your chosen fabric.
  3. Pre-wash your fabric. In some fabrics, this ensures that any shrinkage happens before your design is applied. Read the label instructions and don’t use fabric softener.
  4. Protect the other side. Place a piece of cardboard under where you choose to paint, so the paint doesn’t seep through.
  5. Let it dry. It’s important to let your paint dry for about 3 days before washing. Remove any stencils immediately after paint has been applied. After about 24 hours, apply low heat from an iron from the back side of your paint to set the design.

When you use these tips, your project should turn out beautifully. Try your hand at fabric painting and use our new Testors Craft Fabric Paint in aerosol spray cans! You can use it on all kinds of different materials, including canvas and burlap, and the fabric remains soft and flexible no matter what. It’s washable, too, so it won’t fade and is available in 5-ounce spray cans in six great colors: black, white, blue, red, yellow, and pink.

We want to see what you can do with these, so show us your creativity!

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