The Magic of Marbling: Comment to try it yourself!

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Hi Creators!

We’re so excited about this new marbling trend because it’s SO easy to do!

When mixed with acrylic paint, Testors® Craft Marbling Medium produces patterns that mimic marbled stone, but with a much more colorful attitude. We think you’re going to enjoy trying this one. And the best part is, there is no wrong way to do it and you get amazing results every time!

Marbling works on all kinds of surfaces, from paper and canvas to wood and metal, even glass! Just mix, pour and tilt and you’ve got a great design on just about anything you can imagine. The colors don’t run together, but instead flow side by side. Try it on canvases, tabletops, pallet wood or candles. You could make some special gifts for the upcoming holidays and it may just become an obsession. (It has for us!)

Take a look at step by step directions here:

Here are a few things we’ve tried that may inspire you:  

You may remember earlier in the spring we had a few Marbling kits to give away, and we’re grateful to be able to give out a few more kits of Testors Marbling Medium and Acrylic Craft Paint, this time in some beautiful colors perfect for your fall projects.

If you’d like to test them out for us, comment below and we’ll randomly choose 24 members to participate.

What will you find to marble?