Introducing Stops Rust ADVANCED

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Our Stops Rust brand is our heritage product as you might know. It was developed by sea Captain Robert Fergusson when he determined that fish oil was a key component in keeping his ship’s steel deck from rusting. The Rust-Oleum company was founded on this brand and in nearly 100 years, the spray paint formula has undergone little change…. Until now!

Why change now? We solve problems throgh innovation! Rust-Oleum also prides itself on innovative products, so, we brought it to our flagship product. Stops Rust Advanced has a new tip, which sprays up to 50% faster than the standard nozzle. The paint itself also provides up to 30% greater corrosion resistance and color retention compared to our original formula. That means, not only will your project be done in a shorter amount of time, it will look better and last longer! Who doesn’t want that?

Stops Rust Advanced offers next generation protection, so that outdoor metal bistro set will look really great for years to come! This trusted brand is available in 28 colors and 4 enamel sheens. Find it at Walmart and Meijer and let us know how you’re using it.

Questions on this or other Rust-Oleum products? Ask here! And find Stops Rust Advanced near you.