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We're pleased to profile Sabrina James, or as most of you know her, sabrinasteeler, who has been an active member of the Creator's Studio community since 2016! 

Why did you join Creator's Studio?

I joined Creator's Studio because I love the products and I really enjoy remaking things to give them new life.  I also like all sorts of DIY activities and what a bonus that it is so full of creative, friendly, engaging people!

What's your favorite part of the Creator's Studio community?

This is tough because honestly...what's NOT to love?  I do really enjoy the challenges, just because it forces me to take the time and craft/be creative.  Having an end goal will sometimes force me to slow down and move the should probably do items a bit lower on the list for those that truly give me joy (sorry, Hallway grout, I'll get to you someday!). 

How would you describe yourself/occupation to a complete stranger?

Hmmm, I'm a mom of teenage boys that is a wife, a maker, a volunteer, an advocate, that is probably sometimes a bit opinionated and always fiesty, but tries to be always kind that works in Tech and Real Estate and loves the Steelers!

What creative areas do you like to focus on?

I think this would be easier to name the things I don't do which is drawing (I really wish I had that skill!) and knitting and crocheting.  I have tried those so many times, but even when my saint of a great grandma, Mema, said this is not for you when she tried to teach me crochet, she knew the truth, haha.

What is your favorite Rust-Oleum product? 

Ohh this is a very close tie between Spray paint - all the kinds - and the various Varathane wood accelerators!

How has it helped with your DIY projects? 

Spray paint allows you to completely transform an item and give it a whole new life.  The wood accelerator allows you to take inexpensive wood and make it appear very pricey. :)

What interests you most about DIY projects?

I think the creativity of the process.  Deciding either how you are going to change an item or reuse it, or create it from nothing really appeals to me as an outlet. 

What's the best DIY project you have completed and how did you accomplish it?

Wow, this is a very hard question.  I think I will answer with just my house only because we purchased it and it was stuck in the 80's.  We have been moving each room forward, so installing new flooring, redoing the bathrooms, painting floors, adding new lighting, all things that have allowed me to make the home ours (and save a ton of money!)

What's the most difficult project you have tackled?

I would say my sons' bathroom.  We gutted it down to the studs and breaking up and hauling down a ceramic tub was less than fun! I also tiled around the perimeter and it was my first wall tiling project.  It took way longer than expected (this happens a lot with my ADHD self) and there was many a night where I was up until midnight muttering, install subway tile, great idea, self!!

If you could create any type of project (with no limitations), what would you design and why?

I would love to design a large she-shed for myself, that would hold all my crafting items and create a space to work.  I have what I call a craft cave now since it's my craft room/Steelers room, but the idea of having somewhere to "escape" to where no one can ask me what is for dinner starting 5 minutes after lunch seems like it might be nice. :D

Tell us something about yourself that most people don't know about you. 

I am typically an over sharer so many people probably know more than they ever wanted to, but I do have social anxiety issues.  I try and avoid parties that have more than just a few people.  Since I am fairly outgoing, this surprises people but I am a social introvert.  I can attend conferences or things like that but then spend the next week not talking to anyone but my family to recover.

What's the best advice that anyone has ever given you? 

The recent advice was more of a reminder from my oldest son.  I try to accept everyone and not judge, but sometimes I do not do my best if people do something I regard as disrespectful, such as line cutting or something I consider rude to others.  My son said "You know their face; you don't know their story."  That reminded me that the person could have a lot going on in their lives that are causing them to treat others less than ideal, and what I needed to have was compassion.  It was a great wake up call.  Maybe teenagers DO know everything, hahaha.

What book(s) are on your nightstand right now?

The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Mr. Rogers by Maxwell King, The Outsider by Stephen King, and Turtles All the Way Down by John Green...I really want to add NOS4A2 by Joe Hill since we are watching the show, but need to lower the stack before adding another!

What's your all time favorite food? 

This is by far the easiest.  Tex-Mex. No question.

I have attached pics of my family, the two bathrooms that I have re done, my very first attempt at mixed media, some of my silhouette projects (the sayings I purchased and are not my art, just my application). It's been a while since I have done some things so I am glad that I have had two things on your site to enter!! -- Sabrina James


"We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It's easy to say 'It's not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.' Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes."
― Fred Rogers