Fall Trends for 2018!

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Hi there, Creators!

We know you’re going to love the fall trends of this season! We’re looking forward to how you incorporate some of them in your home.

Let’s talk neutrals. Prior to this season, “neutral” was a bit more colorful. Blues, greens and pinks were considered neutral. This fall, neutrals have gone back to being white and beige, and design trends focus more on textures rather than color. Texture appears in things such as wall treatments, fabrics and 3D art to bring life to your neutral palette.

White on white is a popular design trend we really love this fall. It’s fresh, crisp, and dare we say, unexpected. We’re seeing it in fashion, but also in home design. Out with the bold contrast of black and white and pops of color. In with white walls, white trim, white furniture, white accessories… can you picture it now?

As much as we love, love, love neutrals and whites, bright colors still exist in the fall palette, but they’re not necessarily bold. Mixing various colors such as navy and pink in small doses add a little pizzazz into any neutral theme. Adding these colors as accessories such as pillows, flowers, picture frames and rugs might be just the right, non-committal way to play with color.

How about gallery walls? Maybe you’ve seen

. They have been trending for some time and are still showing up in homes. Bring together mismatched picture frames on a large wall and create your own expression. Hang items you find at thrift shops, or hang your own family favorites. Either way, your personality will shine through your display.

And finally, let’s not forget sweet ol’ Americana. We know you love thrift shops and flea markets. We also know you can find some really great handmade or traditional-looking pieces there, which are ideal for your fall décor. Pull together a vintage and antique-inspired theme. Be patriotic with color. Integrate red, white and blue in whatever hues you prefer. Be rustic. Incorporate rough-hewn fabrics and rustic wood pieces. Be charming. Put a little character into your seating or artwork.

Whatever you choose your design to be this fall, we can help with our full line of spray paint colors and wide array of wood stain colors. We look forward to seeing what you go with!