Adding to the family: Mean Green & Roto-Rooter

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Hello, Creators!

We have a little announcement to make!

First, though, let’s talk about cleaning. Many of you don’t get very excited about cleaning. We get it. Who likes dealing with grime or clogged pipes? We don’t. Thankfully, the right kind of cleaner makes all the difference. Now, let’s get to that announcement!

Rust-Oleum recently acquired two new brands: Mean Green and Roto-Rooter to help with your toughest problems.

Mean Green is a hard-working, superior cleaner that cleans most hard surfaces inside your house and out. From bathroom cleanup to garage stains, Mean Green handles it all quickly and effectively.

You know Roto-Rooter as the #1 brand in plumbing services.  Now you can have that same 80 years of expertise in a bottle; introducing Roto-Rooter Drain Care and Septic products; the strongest national brand available.

At Rust-Oleum, we’re proud to add these two dependable brands to our family. We hope that you find amazing quality in their products. Happy cleaning!

Questions on this or other Rust-Oleum products? Ask here!  And Mean Green or Roto-Rooter!