Wrapping Up Another Secret Santa Gift Exchange ๐ŸŽ

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It’s no secret - our community loves a good gift exchange! Our third annual Secret Santa gift exchange took place over the holidays, and we think the reveals deserve a recap

๏ธ@SchreiberWI, received a gift from @Taradeliberto

"I received my package and when I opened it I was overwhelmed with emotion. As I took the creations out I was in awe of the thought that went into the special package. The Wisconsin creations had such a personalized touch. Then I pulled out this amazing ornament. It was a cute holiday scene that includes Minnie Mouse, to think that someone put so much time and thought into something actually had me tearing up. I am beyond thankful!!!

Tara's thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure. She has really made my holiday season quite magical. I love everything, especially the Minnie ornament!"

@Atlantawithkids received a gift from @mrsblackstone:

“I received my secret Santa gifts and they are adorable! I also got a garland full of candy canes, but my kids got to them before I could snap a photo. Thank you!

@Chunky Mermaid received a gift from @Vimarhonor

"I'm truly blown away by the handmade gifts I received from Karen!! She gets who I am and what I love ~ and I love everything that she sent me! I'm truly blessed that I now have an original Karen painting of a mermaid (I have a thing for mermaids).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Karen, and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!! Hugs from Dan, Brindle, and Myself"

@aunt clutter received a gift from @Srze22@gmail.com

"I was very happy when I saw a package on my porch. It got even better from there!

I received a wonderful bunch of Christmas decorations. They made my day....I opened at my mom's and she thought they were great also! I want to say a very big thank you to ๐ŸŽ… Susan. THANK YOU! I really like my decorations."

@mrsblackstone received a gift from @Chunky Mermaid:

"What a wonderful surprise! I received a trio of lovely handmade gifts, absolutely beautiful, a cute Lil picture, colorful decorative beads and the cutest little snowmen! Beautiful craftsmanship! Thank you to Ms. Chunky Mermaid!"

@beadgarden received a gift from @Henneberrychk :

"I was excited to open my Secret Santa gift box and even more excited to find this adorable Christmas/winter gnome safely nestled in the wrappings!! .... Thank you, Henneberrychk, for your lovely gift! It's plain to see that you put lots of thought and love into your gift."

@staciesplace received a gift from @aunt clutter:

"I could not be happier with my Secret Santa gift this year. Wowow. Everything was so cute, so thoughtful and so well planned. Not only did I get all these fun gifts to unwrap but she also wrote a really nice letter about what she sent. Thank you thank you thank you!"

@AmAtHome received a gift from @teresadaubard07

"My gift arrived in a lovely box with a beautiful card!.... The coasters and holder are fantastic, I love the individual "terrazzo" squares and the colors are perfect….I love these gift exchanges!"

@Taradeliberto received a gift from @Dogslife1

"I received a gift card from my DIY partner....Thank you for the generous gift card:)"

@Vimarhonor received a gift from @Atlantawithkids

"Thank you to my talented creator your artistry and thoughtful paint application to this darling birdhouse is very much appreciated. I have never ever had a Church birdhouse before or one with doors that open. It will be displayed and cherished year round on my screen porch.....What a great activity this is to participate in. Thankful for this opportunity to have a new handcrafted handpainted art piece to treasure."

@Henneberrychk received a gift from @Bebopp25 -Becky-:

"My gift was hiding on me !!! My husband thought it was one of the gifts he purchased so he had it hidden!! We all know I do have 25 chickens and this is my MO !!! Love it!!! Thank you sooo much." 

If you haven’t seen these yet, check out the Secret Santa Gift Reveal here.

We know that not everyone who sent out a special parcel received a gift, despite our best efforts to clearly communicate how it all works to members who signed up [and rest-assured we’re in contact with Santa for next year’s naughty list ๐Ÿ˜‰]. Thanks to all of the creators who took part in this activity and shared teasers of the gifts in progress and the treasures received ๐Ÿ’ Your efforts truly make our community the happiest place on the the internet!