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Team, these are strange and trying times we’re living through. But we have been so inspired by the posts you’ve been sharing in the community! We love the messages of hope and gratitude – thank you and please keep them coming. 😊

Windows and Walks

@Chunky Mermaid shared this window sign: “I wanted to send a message to all my neighbors that things will definitely get better.”

@maryhunn shared her friend’s splendid sidewalk chalk artwork (who just so happens to be an artist!):

@Wild Bill told us about this trend in his neighborhood: I have no idea how this got started!? But everyone in my community is sticking bears in the window for kids to count as we all get to know one another around here! I think it is GREAT!”

@SeaBeeMarket shared this wonderful image of her daughter “[We] have been doing everything we can to try and lift the spirits of others.” [cover image]

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We loved every submission in this activity! Rust-Oleum’s own @Kevin Senft designed beautiful templates, and our community members put their own individual spins on the art.

Wild Bill“[this is the first] time I’ve colored in at least 20 years or better! Had fun with it! Didn’t really expect that to happen but it was relaxing and I enjoyed it!

@Colors:  "I’m using water colored pencil to color my template on tissue paper and then I want to hang it in my front door window and let the light shine through it.  I wanted to keep it incomplete for now with the caption” We’re just a work in progress, we’re getting closer, everything takes time!!:)”

@Chunky Mermaid: “I knew immediately that I wanted to wood burn Kevin Senft's drawing on a board.  My original thought was to color it in with paint markers when done, but I loved the simplicity of the final wood-burning and left it as is.”

@Vimarhonor: "The heart shapes were chosen to show the appreciation and emergence of spring and also - mirror -the paintbrushes magical action that commonly applies color in the real world." 

And all the other good stuff ...

@SueH shared her lovely Hearts for Healthcare DIY project, placed in her window to “thank all the medical workers, police, and fire personnel, delivery people and others who are keeping us safe.”

A few members have been busy making masks to donate to folks who need them.

Checkout @candylea's cheerful version:

And here is a version using file bands, courtesy of @Colors.

With all that's going on however, Creator's Studio members have not forgotten about our furry and feathered friends!

@Ontheflydiy made the coolest Backyard Cabana, which seems to get an enthusiastic paws-up from her dog Bailey 🐶

And what else is a more hopeful sign of spring than a nest of baby birds?! Thanks @candylea, for sharing your tiny yard dwellers with us. 


To all of you in our Creator's Studio community - we appreciate your caring gestures, projects, and great big hearts 🤗. You really are the best! 

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