Bring Your Friends: Enhancing the Creator's Studio

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The heart and soul of Creator’s Studio is you, dear members!  Every single one of you keeps our community active, vibrant, engaging, inspiring, and just plain fun. Nothing builds community more than like-minded folks joining together, which is why we’re introducing the Who’s Your Plus One activity.

If you haven’t used the “Refer a Friend” feature in your profile, now’s the time! Invite your DIY friends, family, or social media followers to join us in Creator’s Studio, then introduce them to our gang in this activity and be entered to win in a random prize draw. 🏆

To refer a friend, simply go to your profile (your photo in the top right corner of the platform). Click “Refer a Friend”, then add the email address(es) of the people you wish to invite, along with a message to them (so they know this invitation is the real deal from someone they know).

Then with a simple click of the red “refer a friend” button, you’re done. Keep track of the date of your invitation and who you sent it to.

Once your friends have joined, you can introduce them to the community here.

Creators, we think you’re all pretty great - and we're guessing your friends will enjoy our DIY gang, too. 

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