Game of Gnomes: Winners

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Creators, our first-ever Gnome Challenge has come to an end. Each day during the challenge, our entire team couldn’t wait to check in to Creator’s Studio to see every new gnome that had made a home in the community. Sixteen members created delightful gnomes with unique personalities and characteristics. This delightful, lighthearted activity kept us all smiling during these trying days – thank you, gnomies!

Our four gnome winners will each receive a Rust-Oleum prize pack as our thanks and congratulations.

🏆Expert’s Pick, Cutest Gnome: Runaway Fisherman Gnome. We're crediting Colors with bringing the gnome trend to Creator's Studio and this little fisherman won a spot in our hearts. “He's a little Munchkin fisherman. He loves to spend his warm, sunny days catching fish for his family of Gnomes to have for dinner.


🏆Expert’s Pick, Best Gnome Story: Gnome on the Range, SueH: My gnome lives in my kitchen and brings an abundance of cheer and color. [Note: don’t miss the video in this submission!]


🏆Expert’s Pick, Most Unique Gnome: Dharma Ivy Yates DIY, Schreiber WI. Let me introduce you all to Dharma. I caught up with her as she was just finishing her newest piece. She usually doesn’t like being disturbed until she is done with her creation.”


🏆Community Favorite: Gnorman Gnome, Jandab. “Gnorman lives on a Nebraska farm and has been anxiously waiting for winter to be over and for the sun to come out so he can hit the beach. He has his sun visor, sunglasses, and sunscreen on so he is prepared for a sunny day if ever it comes out.”

Gnome-able mentions 👏🏼

We can’t end this blog without recapping all the other gnomes that were a part of this challenge – all the creativity and spirit that went into the Game of Gnomes makes every one of these little guys a winner in our books 🤗

Twinkle Garden Fairy Gnome, Colors: “This beautiful "Twinkle Garden Fairy" that comes each morning just at the beginning of the warm, sunny day and blesses the flowers. How sweet is that!!:)”


Manley, the Well-Loved Garden Gnome, Colors: “Manley likes to cut wood and build things. Every Gnome in Gnomesville comes to him for help if they’re in a fix and they all know where to go if they need something built.”


Scurry, Colors: “Scurry is happy to be of help and always ready to get his pictures taken.”


Looney the Birthday Gnome, Colors: “Looney the Birthday Gnome was created especially for Gnome lovers everywhere to be a guest at their parties and help celebrate the day.”


Creator Gnome, Chunky Mermaid: “If you'll notice Creator Gnome's apron, it is just like mine ~ a place to wipe paint on.  I'm starting to think that Creator Gnome is my mini-me!”


Senor Queso, Chunky Mermaid: “Senor Queso is a great little guy to hang out with because he loves queso and chips, and all things spicy!”


Got Your Easter Basket, Mconnorsmac: “I like to decorate for each holiday with repurposed items, wood pieces, homemade crafts.”


GNOME-asta, candylea: “Meet sweet little Miss Emma! She’s a hard-working little DIY making gnome so at the end of the day when she’s bone tired and exhausted Miss Emma likes to pamper herself with a nice long soak in the tub!


Jerome the Gnome, SchreiberWI: Jerome is one of my little DIY buddies. As you can see he can’t be without his phone.


Gnome Sweet Gnome, Karen Lawson: “I made this book bundle and gnome set for a friend of mine who just loves gnomes.


Forest Gnome Rein, Vimarhonor: “[T]he Forest Gnome is 275 years old in his prime….His feet are turned slightly inwards for fast running. More fast and agile than man - a gnome can run fast, jump higher and are seven times stronger than man, relatively speaking.


Fishergnome Saul Goode, Vimarhonor: “Saul Goode LegASea. Saul is a fishin and boat lovin a-fishy-nado."😜


Game of Gnomes will go down in Creator’s Studio history as an utterly delightful and truly memorable challenge – thanks for participating, gnomies!

hopping stop-motion GIF by Mochimochiland