Trash to Treasure III: Winner Announcement

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Our community stepped up in record numbers to participate in the Trash to Treasure III Challenge ... and once the incredibly hard work of narrowing down our finalists was done, you also jumped in to vote and choose our winners.

We won't keep you in suspense any longer - check out our winners - who will each receive a $500 gift card to the home improvement store of their choice!

First-Timers: Needed a Dr. to the Dr. Is In, TerriW 



Experienced DIYers:  From an unwanted entertainment center to hours of entertainment, SchreiberWI



Bloggers:  Futon Frame to Dream Swing, Haileyjm


And our Creator's Studio community fell in love with this adorable little cupcake car - announcing the winner in our Fan Favorite category:  Cozy coupe cupcake car, Brown0733


And because our Challenges are made so much better through crowd support, we've randomly drawn the names of 5 voters who will each receive a $50 gift card to the home improvement centre of their choice: 

  • Emily reams
  • Mreich
  • jerseymike
  • nharvath
  • Phyllisspawdesigns

Congratulations, Trash to Treasure III winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in this Challenge! We know we have the most creative community in Creator's Studio, and we're already planning for the next DIY activity that'll showcase our members' DIY skills:)