Member Feature: Candylea

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It's that time again - when we get to turn the spotlight on another one of our talented, creative, and supportive long-term members. Today we're going in-depth with another member feature - our previous features have been Wild BillRustic Duck FurniturecookbookrecipesofloveHojitisuChunky MermaidSueHTraderGee,  Colors,  TheRoboticsNerdCreativelyLiving, and blogger The Navage Patch.  Welcome candylea to our Creator's Studio Featured Member hall of fame! 

Why did you join Creator's Studio? I joined Creator's Studio about 3 years ago because I was looking for a way to DIY and also be able to interact with others who shared my interests. Being forced into disability retirement left me with a lot of idle time on my hands for the first time in my life, so I had to find a creative outlet to keep my sanity intact and also to not drive my family crazy, lol.

What's your favorite part of the Creator's Studio community? My very favorite part of Creator's Studio has got to be the amazing people, some who have become very good friends. And the support and enthusiasm everybody always has for each other.

How would you describe yourself/occupation to a complete stranger? That's a hard one, lol. My description has changed tremendously in the past ten years or so. I am always thinking about the next project and wondering when my body will allow it to happen.

What creative areas do you like to focus on? I've really enjoyed painting furniture lately, I just love to see things change, especially the old dirty stuff I usually pick up.

What is your favorite Rust-Oleum product? How has it helped with your DIY? I absolutely love the Chalked Paint and the KRUD KUTTER products are right up there too.

What interests you most about DIY projects? Aside from recreating things into pieces that I love, I think it's also about pride and feeling validated in what I'm doing. I love being able to paint the world beautiful one color at a time and Rust-Oleum has all the supplies I need to do just that.

What's the best DIY project you have completed and how did you accomplish it? My favorite project would be the antique dresser I did a while back and sold to a lady for her nursery. It was such a long hard process, more like a labor of love but the end result was amazing and it was great that she loved it as much as I did.

What's the most difficult project you have tackled? My She Shed without a doubt, lol. Because it was just a shell when we bought it, it was ALOT of work but worth every bit of it.

If you could create any type of project (with no limitations), what would you design and why? I've always wanted to build something but am not sure enough of myself to actually do it, but one day I will!

Tell us something about yourself that most people don't know about you. Welllll...probably that my daughter and I got matching fleur de lis tattoos when the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, lol. What makes it crazy is that I had never liked or wanted a tattoo but sometimes you have to take one for the team!

Bonus Questions:

What's the best advice that anyone has ever given you? Keep your chin up and don't sweat the small stuff.

What book(s) are on your nightstand right now? My Bible.

What's your all time favorite food? Mexican, hands down!