Valentine's wishes

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We asked members to send conversation hearts to their fellow DIYers and they are so sweet 🍬 we wanted to share them with all of you.  Happy Valentine's Day, Creators! 

"We all start somewhere in our maker journey. Practice is what gets us to the level we want to be. When you want to give up....DON'T!" - @MaryYarger

"Spray paint your little heart out! If you don't like it, spray it again!" - @Simplymindy3

"May you finish all your projects and love the home you are in!" - @maryhunn

"May all my fellow Creators continue being what you are ~ super artistic and not afraid of taking chances!!!"  - @Chunky Mermaid

"Just jump in and make something! Get messy, have a great time during the creation process, and share you work." ❤️  - @Ontheflydiy

"I hope everyone has LOVE of people, your world, and yourself, no matter what day it is!" - @Kristinave

"Everyone has problems BUT with friends like around here problems get real small and more easy to deal with. Together we are everything." - @Wild Bill

"My Valentine's wish for all of you is that you are healthy and happy. May 2022 be your most prosperous year. Let's paint the world a brighter place." - @damayfield

"Each of us creators is so unique and we all together can create this year our best yet!" - @hale5torm08

"Keep creating. Love seeing the amazing projects." - @RandCmock

"Valentine message….keep creating Creators….make beautiful things." - @Vimarhonor