Milk vs. Chalk Paint

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Hello, DIYers!

You’ve probably heard about our Chalked Paint and Milk Paint Finish. Maybe you’ve already used them. They both have a beautiful high-quality, ultra-matte finish and offer a vintage look, but do you know the differences between them? We’re here to help!

Chalked Paint is velvety smooth to the touch, while Milk Paint Finish has a slight texture giving it a brushed look.

Wood Grain
Chalked Paint will hide wood grain defects whereas Milk Paint Finish would enhance wood grain features.

The color of Chalked Paint is unaffected by the surface’s original finish and Milk Paint Finish colors may change based on the darkness of the surface.

Chalked Paint provides a thicker one-coat opaque coverage while Milk Paint Finish is semi-clear in one coat and semi-opaque in two coats.

Whether you use these paints for the first time or the 50th, they will provide an antique-inspired look and feel, but with different results. We look forward to seeing how you’ve used them!