Winner Announcement: Let There Be Light Challenge

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Creators, you really lit it up for us in this most recent Challenge! During this busy holiday season, you came through with some brilliant, reflective, and enlightened interpretations of our "Let There Be Light" holiday theme. 

Community votes determined which projects went on to Expert Review ... and with no further light puns to be had, we're pleased to announce our winners:

First Timers Category

Christmas Cardinal,  "I wanted to embrace light in my holiday décor, in a way that would remind me that my loved ones are still present in spirit."   Our Creator's Studio community loved this take on the magic and significance of light during the holidays.



Experienced Category

FA LA LA Light, SeaBeeMarket. "For this challenge I created a cascading glass ornament chandelier. The chandelier is equipped with a light I pulled from an old hanging lamp. The paints and finishes of the glass ornaments were selected due to their reflective nature. My goal was to fully capture the glittery beauty of lights during the holiday season." Fellow creators fell head over heels for this stunning holiday centerpiece (and that precious little DIY assistant;) 



Blogger Category

Light Your Community as You Gather Together, LeCultivateur.  "As I thought about the theme “let there be light”, I thought about a world where everyone offers light and love to one another. If we each seek those around us, friends, family, teachers, coaches, those in our schools, in our neighborhoods, in our communities, all those that we come in contact with, and share our light and love, the world would be such a better place."  Community members concurred: these beautiful sentiments found a home in this festive and charming holiday village.


Congratulations to our winners ... and a huge shout out to every one of our participants. It's our members' DIY skills, creativity, and innovation that make these challenges engaging and inspiring. We're guessing that there will be more than a few of these ideas showing up in one form or another in Creator's Studio members' homes for years to come. Thank you for continuing to use this space to share your vision and creativity. From all of us at Creator's Studio: we wish our mighty community of DIYers much joy, peace, and magic this holiday season.