2020 Wrap-Up: Our New Year's Wish For You

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Happy New Year, Creators! We made it to the end of an unforgettable year. ⭐️ A new year always gives us a chance to pause and reflect on the year past and look forward to the one to come. 2020 has brought trepidation and anxiety, but has also shown us that when the world unites in a common goal, a seemingly years-long task can be made possible in a few short months. It’s been a heavy year, but there have been many awe-inspiring moments too. We hope you enjoy this stunning video - a touching recap of 2020.


Creator’s Studio members mean so much to us and we want to acknowledge the light our members brought to this community during a difficult spring. 💖

April showers brought May flowers ......and today a special visitor passed through. He was less shy than some -choosing to leave his head out while I circled around to photograph. 🐢Hope he made it wherever he was going safely......🐢


I checked in on it today and the baby birds are here!! I’m pretty sure there are 3 of them and they’re so ugly they’re cute lol! Just wanted to share this little bit of happy with ya’ll!!!


I've seen many of my neighbors putting hearts in their windows and door to thank all the medical workers, police and fire personnel, delivery people and others who are keeping us safe. I've made these wooden hearts in the past, it's a great way to use up scrap wood. I found one in my basement that I painted with Rust-Oleum Farmhouse Red Chalked Paint. I'm displaying it in my window to honor all of these workers. I'm making more, a great way to keep busy and stay focused. 


And when we asked you to share your most memorable Creator's Studio moment from 2020 and why it was so memorable, we were touched by the responses. 

"I'm a newcomer here but I wish all the creators to move forward to their goals and never stop creating."



"The outpouring of support I received during my father's passing helped make a uncomfortable time in my life bearable. The kindness and support within the community is something I treasure, what a tremendous group of people I am lucky to be a part of."



"I just joined Creators Studio this year. I have had so much fun entering the challenges and winning a couple too! So inspiring to see everyone’s creativity. It’s giving me confidence to step out of my comfort zone."



"After receiving my first welcome message, I was here to stay. Remembering all the excitement to be acknowledged as one of the new creators on the platform."



"Seeing everyone’s projects! This has been a crazy year so I haven’t been able to do a lot of creative things. Thank you to those that do."



"The fall exchange.  It took my mind off of the world and focused on my Rust-Oleum buddy."



"I enjoyed creating the Thanksgiving tablescape. In a year where we could not get together like normal, it was nice to create something pretty to enjoy with my immediate family."



"It is hard for me to pick just one memorable moment.  The challenges are awesome and the members are the best! As far as personal achievement would be starting and finishing my workstation at home."



"The most memorable moment was winning a challenge I completely didn't expect to win! It is a great feeling to have to much fun creating, and also winning because of it! I love the whole community here and their artistic abilities inspire me year round!"



"This year was a troublesome year for all. But what most don’t know is that front line workers struggled more than most ever saw, acknowledged, or even for most realized, suffering in diligent silence. I was so thankful and grateful to have found this community! I was honored and excited to become a part of this. It was the most positive experience I took part in risking by applying to come out of my “day job shell” take off my scrubs and publicly come out as a avid DIY upcycler. This was the best mental health booster to check in frequently or not so frequently and to be able to be be a part of this beautifully crafted, painted, sanded, tiled, but most of all supportive group of individuals in such an unattractive time in all our worlds! Happy holidays my favorite fellow creators!! Let’s make 2021 even more creative than 2020 demanded us to become!"


And these beautiful responses in our International Day of Friendship activity say it all 🤗

"There is soooooo much negativity on the internet.  :(  Whether it's shared posts on social media or an anonymous keyboard warrior with nothing else to do but throw shade, it just gets old and it wears on you even wanting to be online.  When I found Creator's Studio and became a member, I found the platform and its members to be warm and refreshingly positive!  Everyone was commenting on each other's projects and ideas with encouragement and support, suggestions were offered constructively and in the spirit of helpfulness! ❤ "



"I've become good friends with several Creators.  We've been there through personal ups and downs, great supporters of each others projects that we share here, and know we can always count on each other.  Some of us follow each other not only here, but also on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.  One of these days would love to meet these friends in person!"

@Chunky Mermaid


"When KRUD KUTTER first came out Rust-Oleum sent out bottles for us to use. It just so happened that our church was having a big cleanup day so I took some with me. I would have never thought that it would have made such a big impact on the cleanup! For the challenge, I sent in my entry and WON 🏆! THEN @Chunky Mermaid made a picture of me with a crown 👑 on and that was my profile for a couple of years! LMBO! I have made so many GREAT FRIENDS on here that I would do anything for. In fact some have grown closer than my " in yo face " FRIENDS! LMBO!"

@Wild Bill 👑


Thanks for these wonderful memories, beautiful people of Creator's Studio! We wish every member of this community the best of the upcoming year. Thanks for sharing 2020 with us