Easter in Creator's Studio 🐰

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Easter signals spring, and the season of renewal definitely gives us a reprieve from these unusual days we are living through. We put out a call to our community members to share their Easter DIY décor projects in Creator’s Studio, and as always, our creators came through with some super fun projects. Enjoy this recap!

Bunny With Daisy, Jandab

With Easter coming I wanted something to put on my mantel. This little guy fits the bill. I used alcohol inks on canvas.


Easter Egg Soap, Regina08902

I used melt & pour soap base, used plastic eggs & bunny molds, added fragrance and color.


Easter Wreath and Centerpiece, Colors

“Well, Ramon at Home, a designer I watch on YouTube, says we should make our decor cohesive. Even though I already knew that, I made sure I was doing it right. So I made a few things that went together for Easter.”


Peeps and Bunny Butt, ChunkyMermaid

“My sign-making is pretty straight forward ~ wood, paint, sealer, stain, brad nails, hanger, a bit of love thrown in for good measure + a fluffy tail for the Bunny!


Modern Farmhouse Look for Easter, birdcolor

I used some eggs, nests, wreaths, and Spanish Moss and added it to common household items to make some Easter decorations.”


Easy Easter Egg Suncatcher, SeaBeeMarket

“These cute Easter egg suncatchers are so easy to make and can be done with all dollar store items. My daughter really had fun making them & naming all of the shapes and colors, too!”

We’re sure you’ll want to pin or bookmark some of these fun Easter décor projects for next year’s festivities. Now that Easter is behind us, what DIY projects are you working on? Let us know in the comments below!