They're Here - The 2019 Color Watch Colors of the Year!

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Hello, Creator's Studio Community:

The color experts at Rust-Oleum have announced the 2019 Color Watch Colors of the Year! The energetic hues and complementary new neutrals were chosen to inspire what we call “maximalism” – the use of saturated colors, energetic patterns, and eclectic mixes of designs to help you express your opinions through creativity. We describe them as lively contrasts between nature and technology and incorporate self-identity and culture.

We expect these colors to evoke an approachable feeling and empower you to say “I can do this.” And, once you do, we think you’ll take great pride in your accomplishment.

Our color experts chose these nine colors through extensive trend research in fashion and home décor. They visited trade shows and enlisted trusted bloggers to help deliver content that would showcase this year’s hottest colors and inspire you to create your own projects.

We want you to create things that look high-end without the expensive price tag. Transform a flea-market find into something that looks brand new. Turn an old hand-me-down into something that’s uniquely your own. Build something from scratch and give it as a meaningful, personalized gift.

Let our 2019 Color Watch Colors of the Year encourage you to try new things, express your opinions, and challenge your creativity. We can’t wait to see your creations!