Ever Wonder the Impact of Your Feedback in Creator's Studio?

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Creator’s Studio is designed to be fresh and fun and relevant to our valued members. Our surveys, polls, quick questions, product tests, and challenges aren’t strictly for kicks though … the Creator’s Studio community is a favorite among our Rust-Oleum brand teams, and they take the feedback that you give us and use it to design and enhance products.

Today, we want to share a few of the products that have been directly impacted through our community feedback. Who knows, you might even see one of your suggestions in this bunch 😊


Product Name and Packaging Insights

From its humble (and somewhat blah) lab name, “Emulsion” was renamed Wood Texture Paste after we posted a survey in the Studio. Thanks for letting us know which product name and images spoke to you.



Varathane Premium Fast Dry Label Claims:

This June, our product team wanted some consumer insight on Varathane label information, so we turned to the community to find out! This survey was opened only to members who listed “a strong interest in woodworking” on their profile. 92 members chimed in and told us they liked Option 5 and Option 6 the best, both of which prioritized that the stain dries in 1 hour and achieves color in one coat.





Varathane Water Based Stain Labelling:

The woodworkers in the crowd spoke – Label A was the clear winner for this Water Based Varathane product. You’ll be able to find this on store shelves in the near future.



Thanks, Creators – we know you’re always up for the challenge of helping us out. As you can see, your insights, opinions, and experience with Rust-Oleum products impact many aspects of our product designs and development. We hope you’ll keep participating and being a part of our beloved DIY community.


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