Wrapping up 2022 with a Secret Santa recap 🎁

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It's the most wonderful time of the year 🎢

The sun has set on the 2022 Creator's Studio Secret Santa Gift Exchange, and we wanted to share some of the highlights from this year's joyful gift-giving. 

All who signed up were invited to share teasers:

And also to share their thanks when they received their gifts:

I received wonderful, generous and creative gifts! I love them all! Everything was just too cute!! From the note pad to the beautiful handmade cards, towels, wooden ornaments, cup and chocolates. I was so surprised. Thank you so very much Secret Santa!! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! @Darling48

Received this beautiful picture. I love the colors and designs. Relaxing to look at. Thank you so much. Truly beautiful.  @Artistrybyshaw

I can't thank you enough. I got the most beautiful gifts from a creator in this wonderful community who wanted me to have a gift for Christmas since I haven't gotten anything for 8 years. The work that went into these beautiful creations is amazing and I can't express how amazing it was to come home from the oncologist to find this at my door. @Fallenangelks

I received a beautiful surprise this week! A touching note and a beautiful pot for a plant! I LOVE the colors!! What a thoughtful gift! I absolutely love it and will be finding a plant for it very soon!! Purple is my favorite color πŸ’œ 😍 @Bebopp25 -Becky-

I received a glittery framed picture and painted wood ornaments from A. Eastman. The ornaments will look nice on my Christmas packages for my grand daughters, thank you. @Karen Lawson

Very unique wreath! Attached are little cool trinkets from Vermont where Halestorm08 aka Jessica Wallace lives. A few patches, a button and a keyring. Made me curious about Vermont, so I've been Google-ing things about it. Shes also a plant lover like me so just knowing that is a plus as well! Thank you, I appreciate the gift! Along with the wreath, I also got the gift of knowledge while researching Vermont so it's 2 gifts in 1! @April1231

So blingy, I love it! I couldn't really get it to show the sequins in the frame move when you open/ close the lid. Rose gold, mirrors and sequins make this so glamorous- thank you, Mena! @AmAtHome

Received a wonderful gift from @Karen Lawsonο»Ώ, along with a sweet card!!! Karen sent me a light-up Christmas tree decorated with a beautiful satin ribbon, and she made some adorable acorn ornaments! Many thanks and Happy Holidays Karen!!! @Chunky Mermaid

Not the gift I received, this is the gift I sent. I thought I’d share incase anyone has some chicken loving friends and the Santa forms are still in the stores and you’d like to try and make one. Super easy! I had given a hint when I originally posted my sneak peek. @SchreiberWI

Speechless. Absolutely touched and honored to receive such a fabulous needle-crafted stitched art piece. Perfect sentiment. Such lovely wrap too! I can't thank you enough @Jenn.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Secret Santa gift exchange, and helped make spirits bright! 🌟