Happy Mother’s Day!

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“A mother is the one who fills your heart in the first place.”

Amy Tan


Nothing says “I ❤️Mom” like a DIY gift from the heart! If you're still planning for this Sunday, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas to celebrate the amazing women in your life.

Plaster Handprint

You can guarantee that Mom will cherish a memento of those tiny little hands and feet. This project is simple but sooooooo sweet. If you don’t have plaster in the house, use a foam roller to apply washable, non-toxic paint to the palm or sole of a little hand or foot, and use cardstock to capture the print.

DIY Photo Transfer Plant Pots

We think this one would be a beautiful gift for a Grandma who has it all – a lovely spring plant with a special keepsake photo flower pot.

Personalized Serving Tray

Breakfast in bed is synonymous with Mother’s Day – serve it up on a personalized tray for a gift she can use all year long!

Epsom Salts

Here’s a simple but pretty gift you can quickly whip up with items from the grocery store or pharmacy. Treat her to the gift of time for a long, relaxing soak in the tub - ahhhhh 🛀🏿.

We love the gift ideas you’ve been sharing with us in our Thank You Mom activity, too!

Mconnorsmac had the clever idea to upcycle a cabinet door into a tray for her daughter.

"Our daughter, who is a mom, likes to decorate with ceramics and unusual pieces so I made her a tray out of one of the cupboard doors and used vintage handles to dress it up." 

Colors made – you guessed it! – an adorable trio of fairy garden gnomes for her mom.

SueH shared the situation a lot of us are finding ourselves in – protecting her elderly mom means shifting traditions a little bit:

“My mom is 92 years old and living in a senior apartment house where they have requested "no outside visitors" for the past six weeks. It's been difficult for everyone, but I always look on the bright side. We're all healthy, safe and have plenty to eat, life will get better this pandemic is over. Every Mother's Day we would celebrate by getting together with the extended family. This year I'm going to put a care package together, with a thoughtful card. I may deliver a fast food meal from Wendy's which she always loved, what the heck, she's 92!”

This gorgeous mosaic mailbox that idontbelievable made for her mom is stunning, and we got such a kick out of her description of a perfect Mother’s Day:

Sleeping in and waking up to the breakfast my kids have made me and pretend that it tastes amazing lol, and open whatever gifts they made or got me. I usually give my youngest 5 bucks and my son takes her to the dollar store to pick something out for me. Last year she got me sponges, Brillo pad, light bulbs, and a pair of socks with llamas on them lol. Then just spending the day doing any kind of activity with my family and ending it with an ice cream movie night.”

Creators, wherever you are and whomever you’re with this Sunday, we want to thank you for continuing to share your creativity and talents here in our amazing online community. Happy Mother's Day! 💜