Announcing Creator's Studio Badges!

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Creators, it’s no secret that our Rust-Oleum team thinks the world of you! This is a special community filled with dedicated makers and innovators. Some of you joined Creator’s Studio with a wealth of DIY experience, while others came to the community to learn how to dig in and get things done. Whatever your reasons for joining Creator’s Studio – it’s our members that make this the happiest, most supportive DIY community on the internet.

We wanted to share some exciting enhancements to show how much we appreciate our Creators. So without further ado, we'd like to introduce...New Member and Superfan badges!

New Members:

Starting June 1, anyone who is in their first two months of being a Creator’s Studio member will automatically have a “New Member” badge beside their username. After two months, the new member badge will automatically disappear.

Veteran Creator’s Studio members – this is your opportunity to give a friendly “hello” and welcome our newest members to the community. 👋🏼  


We have a small but mighty group of Superfans in the Studio who inspire us every day with their creativity and hard work. They are up for any challenge, big or small, and support one another with ideas and DIY know-how. Starting June 1, we'll have a new way of recognizing their participation and loyalty. Members achieve Superfan status by meeting any of these criteria:

  • Participation:
    • More than 100 activity responses, or
    • More than 9 challenge entries, or
    • More than 500 comments in the community
  • Logins: Over 600 logins
  • Tenure: Member for over 3 years and have logged in more than 200 times

Just like the New Member badge, the Superfan badge will appear automatically beside your username once you reach the above requirements. 

So Creators, what do you think? Do you think this visual element will make it easier to welcome new members and celebrate long term Creators? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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