Wonderful Workstation: We have Winners! 🏆

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There’s nothing like an organized space to help us work with focus and efficiency. School children ... college kids ... office workers ... home managers ... a fully functioning workspace helps us all get the job done!

We recently put out the call to our community of creators: create or upgrade your workspace in our Wonderful Workstation Challenge! Contenders were invited to submit in Small & Mighty, Moderate but Magical, or the Outrageous Overhaul category.

As usual, our crowd came through! Today, we are pleased to announce our workstation winners. Congratulations!

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Small and Mighty:

Congratulations to @SueH for her win with Zoom Table – Console Table.

“I struggled to find a workspace after March when all my music "in person" classes went to the Zoom platform. I was using a few tall stools but felt unorganized and didn't have a permanent place to work from. I finally built a narrow table that matched the length of my loveseat. This way I could always use it as a "back of the couch" console table if I didn't need it as a desk. It measures only 13.5 inches deep by 60 inches long. I had been given a set of four hairpin legs and thought that these would work perfectly.”

Moderate but Magical:

@ChicaAndJo took this category with her Industrial Desk Turned Modern Workspace.

This challenge inspired me and I dug [the desk] out and transformed it into a modern and chic new workstation.  I removed all the hardware and painted the base and drawers with a glossy, super-tough, Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel oil-based paint, in a rich, royal blue. This paint was perfect for adding the durability I needed for a workstation I would be using heavily.  For the top, I used more Protective Enamel, but this time in semi-gloss white, for a durable worksurface that would hold up to my daily wear and tear.  It's amazing how some simple paint transformed this old relic into a space I love to sit at!

Outrageous Overhaul: 

@HLabarbera may be missing her son’s company, but her Boys Room to Workspace Oasis surely softens the blow!

“I took the opportunity of my son going out into the world on his own to give me the awesome work space i needed! I utilized a few things left behind and made them my own. I painted the cabinet, and had the large workspace put in for my office work and a jewelry making station!”

Congratulations also to @Dottie, who won the random voter draw and will receive a Rust-Oleum prize pack! 🎊

Happy workday, Creators! Thanks to all of our participants (below), who dazzled us with their creative workspace solutions 🙌🏽