Introducing Testors® and Testors Spray Chalk

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Thanks to everyone for their interest, we have reached our 50 samples. Stay tuned for other upcoming opportunites!


Hi Creators,

We’re here with your first chance of the fall season to try out a new Rust-Oleum product. If you haven’t heard of Testors yet, let me introduce you.Testors is a line of products that is new to the Rust-Oleum family. We think you will absolutely fall in love with them! Testors has a huge fan base amongst modelers (think building small model cars and painting them) but the product line has expanded into full range of crafting products. From special effects paint to airbrush systems, Testors has something for everyone that loves to personalize their creations. Check out the product line at

That brings us to Testors Spray Chalk....this is a completely different chalk experience compared to what you used as a kid. Of course you can still use it to draw hopscotch and fun designs on your driveway, but there are SO many more possibilities. We’d love to hear your creative ideas for how and where this product could be used and see you try those out!

If you’d like to participate here are the details:

  • Comment below letting us know you’re interested in receiving a free sample of Testors® Spray Chalk.
  • The first 50 members to comment will receive an email with additional details and we’ll send out the samples soon after.
  • On October 7 we’ll post an activity where you can submit photos of your Spray Chalk creations and tell the community about your experience.
  • From October 7 to October 27 all community members can submit and ‘like’ your favorites for a chance to win even more giveaways from Rust-Oleum.